The story behind me baking and my cakes..

So, basically I had preordered a Thomas The Tank Engine cake, and paid well over the odds for it as I had wanted everything to be perfect for my first borns Birthday party.

well I saw the cake 10minutes before everyone walked in and  I could have cried!!! ..It looked nothing like what I had imagined, the colours were all wrong, the shape was wrong, and basically it looked nothing like Thomas.. (I had even given the baker a picture of the cake, I was not wanting or expecting an exact replica but seriously this cake actually bore little or no resemblance to Thomas or a Train.

It was then, when I saw  the look of disappointment on my sons face who had been asking for a “Thomas cake” weeks before his birthday, that I decided next year I would bake his cake.

And now 4 years later, I love baking and decorating cakes, and bake celebratory cakes for friends and family.

Here I have included some photos of the Birthday Cakes I have baked and decorated. There are more on my Facebook page feel free to take a peek:




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